Why Should I Get My Tree in Shape?


Trees require regular upkeep and occasional corrections just like our home’s plumbing, electrical and air conditioning systems. If we forget about that upkeep or keep delaying, sooner or later problems are also sure to appear.

Why should I get my tree in shape?

When it comes to trees, some of the problems are about the overgrowth, dead and diseased branches, undesirable shape and potential damage to surrounding service lines and structures. For example, a few of the branches might be already encroaching on someone else’s property. Those branches might cause damage such as falling on to the neighbour’s carport or automobile. It’s also possible that those branches are already touching the overhead electrical service lines.

Overgrowth and out-of-control tree shape can also heavily affect the overall aesthetics of our property as well as our view of the street and outside. Trees can block the view of our house instead of enhancing its appeal. After all, a common way of preparing a property for sale is to shape the tree so that the home’s exterior already makes a positive impression. The enhanced appeal can help command a higher price and a better appreciation of the asset.

Tree shaping (which often includes trimming and pruning) is important in maintaining its health. It’s similar to how our bodies work when we say “we’re getting fit” or “we’re in shape now.” In many cases it still applies to the shape or fitness that has a lot to say about someone’s health. In the case of trees, a better shape can also mean better structural and interior health.

Getting trees in shape is about improving health, enhancing the appeal and removing the hazards. This is also about the important role of maintenance just like what we do with our home’s plumbing, electrical and air conditioning system. Also, there will be occasional problems which is why from time to time we have to inspect the tree (especially after a storm, you noticed overgrowth or you suspect there are diseased branches). Those occasional problems then require prompt action just like when we have a tripping circuit breaker or an air conditioner that doesn’t cool enough.

You can contact us here at Banksia Arborcare for your tree concerns. We’ll be quick to inspect the tree’s structural health and design a plan of action (and also help you secure the necessary permits and other paperwork). This way you can get it over with quickly and gain peace of mind because the tree will be strong, healthy and not cause any danger.