Why Hire An Arborist?


Why hire an arborist? There are many reasons. They can help with tree planting, pruning, removal and maintenance. An arborist is a plant life expert. They are trained, certified and insured to provide the best possible treatment to gardens and bushland. An arborist can help trees thrive in their immediate environment and live longer. This is important when you own a home or commercial garden that needs to retain its appeal for the benefit of the occupants of the property. Tree care should always be left in the hands of a professional to ensure safety and best practice at all times. In this post we outline four benefits of hiring an arborist to look after your property’s garden.

1.      Tree Planting

An arborist understand the best way to plant a tree and sustain its condition for an extended period. They can provide instruction regarding the best location to plant a tree to sustain its development. They can give advice regarding how to achieve extra growth, prevent damage from insects and diseases and avoid stunted growth. An arborist can modify the soil in which a tree is planted and provide insight into the best fertilisers to make sure your trees have a happy, healthy life. They will check the tree planting conditions like lighting, growing space, soil type and depth and whether the tree will thrive in its new environment.

2.      Pruning

A professional arborist can help you structure trees by removing unwanted, dead or weak branches. Doing this improves the health of the tree and helps it appear more visually appealing. Removing diseased or insect-infested branches, branches damaged by storms or those suffering natural decay achieves this effect. A professional arborist will ensure pruning does not damage the structural integrity of the tree. They will ensure that the area surrounding the tree is safe from falling branches.

3.      Tree Removal

Sometimes trees grow misshapenly or cause safety problems as they age. In these circumstances trees need to be removed and only a professional arborist will be able to handle this job for you. An arborist will diagnose the problem and analyse the necessity of removing a tree before proceeding to lop off the upper branches and then cut down the trunk. It’s always a good idea to contact an arborist if you believe a tree is posing a safety hazard because it’s better to be safe than sorry.

4.      Tree Maintenance and Garden Care

Arborists also provide preventative maintenance for the trees to reduce the chances of insect infestation, disease or other safety concern. They may be hired to fertilise plants using the most effective industry techniques and modify soil with fertiliser or aeration whenever required. They also provide slings and other braces to support weak branches.

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