When to Prune or Remove a Tree?


If the tree endangers human life or property, most likely the tree should be removed. It’s still important though to consult with professionals or the Council to ensure everything is according to regulations. Contact us today if you have any tree-related concerns.

When to prune or remove a tree?

Permits are often required before doing something on trees. After all, trees are natural assets that provide valuable ecosystem services. They provide shade, oxygen and additional aesthetic value whether it’s a residential, commercial or government property.

However, the priority has always been on human life and property. As a result, when a tree poses a risk or danger, its removal can be done immediately. Also, it’s often the final option to remove the tree. Pruning and thinning out the tree should be considered first before total removal. For example, if there’s some overgrowth and hazardous branches, often those branches should be removed first and the tree should remain intact.

Aside from removing the hazards, pruning and thinning out the canopy can help with improving the view, allowing more light to come through and making the place a bit neater and brighter. Although it seems like a straightforward job, expertise is still required to perform the task properly and safely. Tree pruning and any other related works are also considered dangerous because of the requirement to work at heights and get exposed to hazardous objects and potentially dangerous animals and pests. It also takes expertise and experience to know if a tree should be removed or pruned in the first place.

Here at Banksia Arborcare, we’re careful and detailed about tree assessments before doing any pruning or cutting. This is crucial in determining the tree’s actual physical condition and the risk it poses to human life and property. Phone us now at 0412 181 075 if you require a professional tree service. As a member of the National Arborists Association of Australia & International Society of Arboriculture, you can be sure that everything will be done according to the highest professional and safety standards.