When Should You Have Your Trees Pruned or Trimmed?


If there are dead, diseased or damaged branches, the pruning should be done as soon as possible. Those branches might fall off anytime and cause property damages (including power lines, surrounding structures and vehicles) and injuries.

If the goal is to improve or shape the tree better, it’s your choice when to do the trimming or pruning. Overgrown trees and branches should be trimmed for better aesthetics and visibility (e.g. more natural light hitting your house or you want a wider view of the outside). In these cases, the trimming or pruning should both go through the right processes (including processing relevant paperwork required by the Council).

When should you have your trees pruned or trimmed?

If you have questions you can enquire here at Banksia Arborcare (phone us at 0412 181 075). You can tell us what tree is in your yard, ask our team if it should be pruned right away and know what it will take to do the job (e.g. relevant permits and paperwork).

If the tree or branches are hazardous, pruning the tree should be done as soon as possible no matter the season. Aside from removing the hazards, it’s also about limiting further damage of the trees and their branches. For example, infestation might start from one branch and spread to the surrounding branches. Falling branches might also cause damage to branches below.

Tree trimming and pruning is also done to encourage new growth and prolong the life of the tree. Trimming and pruning can improve air circulation and somehow give trees, leaves and branches the fresh air they need for survival and growth. Also, this is about making some corrective actions in their growth (i.e. trying to achieve a healthier shape and formation).

Most importantly, it’s about safety because diseased, damaged or dead branches might fall off anytime. Just last year in South Melbourne, a tree branch fell onto a car and killed one back-seat passenger. It’s rare but accidents can happen anytime, which is why it’s now a good time to inspect your yard and trees and look for risks and hazards. You can also phone us here at Banksia Arborcare 0412 181 075 if you require assistance and you’re worried about the trees in your property.