What are Heritage Trees and Why are They Important?


Similar to our heritage sites and buildings, our heritage-listed trees also have historical and cultural significance. In addition, these trees have ecological importance for flora and fauna as well as providing crucial ecosystem services in human communities (e.g. valuable shade and fresh air as well as better aesthetics in the property or entire area).

What are heritage trees and why are they important

These valuable trees can be found in large private estates, early corridors for trading and transport, government institutions and other locations. Those trees are linked to fascinating stories that give a rich understanding of both our past and present. If they are suddenly removed, it’s like removing a piece of our identity and a valuable part of our history.

Also, we have to consider that those old trees have taken years to grow and mature. Through all those years they have continuously provided habitat, shade and fresh air in their surroundings and communities. They provide crucial ecosystem services that are difficult or even impossible to copy and replace even with our modern technological tools. The economic benefits are hard to quantify because of the positive far-reaching ripple consequences of keeping those trees around.

All trees are actually valuable (not just heritage and significant trees) if we look at it from a wide ecological perspective. As a result, permission is required before cutting down a tree unless it endangers human life. Citizens and government institutions recognise the value of trees despite the potential hazards and risks.

Fortunately, if trees are properly pruned and maintained, they won’t cause any harm and actually result in the enhancement of the aesthetics of the site and property. They have to be regularly examined and assessed though to identify and mitigate the risks. This way, significant tree damage and infestation will be prevented and we keep the trees intact through the years.

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