Tree Stump Grinding North Shore

Sometimes there’s no alternative but to remove trees on your property.

When that happens, the last thing you want is an unsightly tree stump left behind! Trees stumps can pose many problems:

  • They’re easy to trip on, especially for young children or elderly people.
  • A stump attracts pests, including ants, termites and cockroaches.
  • They can interfere with your plans for planting, garden landscaping or paving.
  • Tree stumps attract fungi that can then spread to other trees.

We’ll remove your tree stump quickly and efficiently, and complete a thorough clean-up. The area will then be ready for landscaping or whatever you’ve got planned!

Dedicated and Qualified Team

Our dedicated and professional team can turn any old, unattractive tree stump into fine mulch, giving you back that much needed space on your property. Regardless of the location our highly skilled team can turn a complicated stump grinding into a convenient and safe tree stump grinding solution.

With qualifications in horticulture and landscaping we can advise the most appropriate replacement trees for your new vacant space and even supply and plant it if required, just another reason why we are a well known and trusted business servicing Sydney wide.

Specialist Tree Stump Grinding

Banksia Arborcare and our specialised tree stump grinding can easily reinvigorate and transform your living areas. Don’t wait any longer to get rid of that old, in the way stump and take advantage of your new vacant areas for replanting or new entertaining areas.

We conduct stump grinding that is environmentally conscious at all times. Giving you the peace of mind knowing we are a reliable and dedicated business that continually endeavours to meet our customer’s specific needs.

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