Tree Services

All your local tree services in one place.
Servicing the Northern Beaches and North Shore, Sydney.

Tree Removal

Affordable and reliable tree removal services.

Using qualified arborist and horticulturist, Chris Allchin, for tree removal will ensure the process is undertaken correctly and safely.  Chris can advise on tree care to ensure the integrity and aesthetics of your garden are retained.

Tree Removal Services

Tree Trimming

Correct tree trimming is not just a matter of hacking off branches.

The health and integrity of the tree must be considered when trimming to retain structure, stability and healthy future growth. Contact arborist Chris Allchin for advice and tree trimming services you can trust.

Tree TRimming Services

Tree Pruning

When pruning trees, it must be done correctly now to enjoy the benefits in the long term. 

Tree pruning is not just about having the right tools – the structural integrity of the tree must be considered. Qualified arborist, Chris Allchin, will prune your trees correctly now so you enjoy the rewards in the long term.

Tree Pruning Services

Tree Lopping

Safe tree lopping services by fully insured experts.

Did you know that the tree lopping industry is unregulated? Anyone with a chainsaw can cut down a tree!  When you employ an arborist like Chris, all work is insured and completed safely with the health and stability of the tree assured.

Tree Lopping Services

Tree Stump Grinding

Tree stump removal and grinding.

We’ll remove that unsightly (and dangerous) tree stump from your garden quickly and efficiently. Our qualified arborists are happy to provide plant replacement and landscaping advice to enhance the design and usability of your garden.

Tree Stump Grinding

Emergency Tree Services

Do you a dangerous or storm damaged tree? 

Unfortunately, like all living creatures, trees have a natural life expectancy.  If a tree is dying, or has died, it may need to be removed urgently as it becomes dangerous to those around it.

Storms can also damage trees and the need for emergency tree removal becomes a matter of priority to prevent damage to property and injury to people and animals.

Additionally, high winds can uproot trees and cause them severe damage that affects the integrity and stability of their structure.

Chris provides emergency tree removal on the Northern Beaches and North Shore.  Chris can advise on tree removal regulations and assist with the Council approval process.

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