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All your North Shore tree care needs are in one place.

Chris Allchin and the team at Banksia Arborcare are professional tree arborists based on Sydney’s North Shore.  We strive to provide the highest quality customer service and safety when it comes to tree services and plant care. Importantly, we are passionate about the environment and endeavour to educate interested parties in all aspects of plant care and how to maintain a happy and healthy garden.

tree services north shore

Emergency Tree Removal

Storms can damage trees and the need for emergency tree removal becomes a matter of priority to prevent damage to property and injury to people and animals. Additionally, high winds can uproot trees and cause them severe damage that affects the integrity and stability of their structure.

In the event of a tree emergency, contact Chris direct on 0412 181 075 for immediate assistance. We service all suburbs on Sydney’s North Shore and Northern Beaches 7 days a week.

Our North Shore Tree Services

Tree removal

Are you looking for affordable and reliable tree removal company based on the North Shore that you can trust?  We’re here to help. 

Trees are a precious resource however, like all living things, they have a natural life expectancy. Sometimes a problem tree can’t be fixed by pruning or removing dead branches and no longer is an asset to your garden. If so, the tree may invariably need to be removed.

At Banksia Arborcare, we are qualified arborists and horticulturists.  Head arborist and business owner, Chris Allchin, has undertaken 8 years of study to attain these qualifications.

Our arborist will carefully remove the tree and grind the stump, leaving your property ready for whatever you’ve got planned. We will ensure the complete removal of even the largest, most difficult tree with no disruption to your property.

Our qualified tree climbers can access even the most difficult areas. We utilise only the latest techniques and equipment, and our focus on safety is second to none!

Contact Chris Allchin, qualified arborist and horticulturist to ensure the tree removal process is undertaken correctly. Chris can advise on tree care to ensure the integrity and aesthetics of your garden are retained.


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Tree trimming and pruning

Tree cutting and trimming is dangerous and can result in serious injury, even death. That’s why it’s paramount that you always utilise the skills and experience of an accredited and trusted tree cutting business for all your trimming and tree cutting requirements.

In this day and age, where most people use Google to find a tree lopping company to trim or remove a tree, how do you know they’re reputable and have the expertise to complete the job safely?

Did you know that the tree lopping industry is unregulated?  So, that means anyone with a chainsaw can come to your home and cut down or trim your tree. They may have inadequate insurance and have no expertise in tree health.

At Banksia Arborcare, we are qualified arborists and horticulturists.  Head arborist and business owner, Chris Allchin, has undertaken 8 years of study to attain these qualifications.

Chris knows what he is doing, is passionate about the environment and is always happy to impart his broad plant care knowledge to clients.


Tree lopping / tree topping

When choosing a ‘tree lopping company’ you should avoid using ones that advertise ‘topping’ as a service provided. Professional arborists know topping (sometimes called ‘tree lopping’) is harmful to trees and is not an acceptable practice.

Banksia Arborcare is a reputable and highly experienced business in the tree industry with a great understanding of the negative effects ‘tree lopping’ can have on your trees and the wider environment.

As professional and qualified arborists and horticulturist, we don’t undertake any ‘tree lopping’ and don’t recommend employing tree loppers that don’t have arboriculture qualifications due to the detrimental impact they have on the environment.

Further reading: Losing your view? Why tree topping (lopping) doesn’t work »


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Tree stump grinding

Efficient and affordable tree stump removal and grinding services. 

We’ll remove that unsightly (and dangerous) tree stump from your garden quickly and efficiently. Our qualified arborists are happy to provide plant replacement and landscaping advice to enhance the design and usability of your garden.  Sometimes there’s no alternative but to remove trees on your property. When that happens, the last thing you want is an unsightly tree stump left behind!

Trees stumps can pose many problems:

  • They’re easy to trip on, especially for young children or elderly people.
  • A stump attracts pests, including ants, termites and cockroaches.
  • They can interfere with your plans for planting, garden landscaping or paving.
  • Tree stumps attract fungi that can then spread to other trees.

We’ll remove your tree stump quickly and efficiently, and complete a thorough clean-up. The area will then be ready for landscaping or whatever you’ve got planned.

Banksia Arborcare and our specialised tree stump grinding can easily reinvigorate and transform your garden and outdoor entertaining areas. Don’t wait any longer to get rid of that old, in the way stump and take advantage of your new vacant areas for replanting or new entertaining areas.

We conduct stump grinding that is environmentally conscious at all times. Giving you peace of mind knowing we are a reliable and dedicated business that continually endeavours to meet our customer’s specific needs.

Additionally, head arborist and Banksia Arborcare business owner, Chris Allchin, can assist you by advising what trees and plants you may consider planting that are more conducive to your garden plans and family needs.


Tree and Land Clearing

Do you need land cleared for a new property build or renovation? Banksia Arborcare offers expert site preparation and land clearing services at very reasonable prices. We have more than 30 years of experience removing trees and clearing land.

Our customers throughout the North Shore have come to recognise our service as one of the leaders in the industry when a professional arborist is required. We can work on nearly any site large or small, urban, suburban or semi-rural.

Our staff are fully trained, certified and insured.  We have the equipment required to make short work of any clearance project, saving you both time and money.

Additionally, we can assist with tree removal regulations and the Council approval process.


Upper and Lower North Shore service areas : Whatever your tree care requirements, we provide fast and reliable assistance to residents and businesses on Sydney’s North Shore including Asquith, Berowra, Hornsby, Mount Colah,  Mount Kuring-gai, Normanhurst, Turramurra, Wahroonga, Pymble, Waitara, Warrawee, Pymble, Killara, Lindfield, Gordon, Roseville, St Ives, Artarmon, Cammeray, Castle Cove, Castlecrag, Chatswood, Cremorne, Crows Nest, Willoughby, Greenwich, Hunters Hill, Kirribilli, Lane Cove, Lavender Bay, Linley Point, Longueville, McMahons Point, Middle Cove, Milsons Point, Mosman, Naremburn, Neutral Bay, North Sydney, Northbridge, Northwood, Riverview, St Leonards, Waverton, Wollstonecraft.