If you want a tree to be removed safely and professionally from your Hornsby residential property or asset you manage, the Banksia Arborcare can do it all for you.

Whether it’s for a new development project or the tree is hazardous and dangerous (e.g. might fall off anytime, full of rotting and attracting insects, might damage surrounding structures and power lines), the tree should be removed right away for everyone’s safety.

Emergency Tree Removal

Emergency Tree Removal Hornsby

We do 24/7 emergency work (you can phone us now at 0412 181 075) and make sure the job is completely done. Whether it’s right after a storm or just an ordinary day, we will be quick to send our team and get to work as soon as we can.

Whether it’s near the Regional and National Parks and Lisgar Gardens or Westfield Hornsby, Clarke Road Special School, Barker College and other educational institutions, we’ve been all over Hornsby and the surrounds. In each site, our professional arborists and crew were able to complete jobs safely, efficiently and professionally.

Clients from Hornsby also choose Banksia Arborcare because:

  • More than 15 years experience.
  • We always wear protective clothing and only use well-maintained equipment.
  • Our professional arborists leave the area neat and tidy (whether tree pruning or complete tree and stump removal).
  • We have all the necessary public liability insurance.
  • We always answer to calls and queries (phone us now at 0412 181 075).

More Than Just Tree Removal

Tree pruning Hornsby

Trees are valuable assets not just in Edgeworth David Garden and Ginger Meggs Park. Health and strong trees also add value and aesthetics to both residential and commercial areas. They bring life to places and make them feel more welcoming and natural.

But sometimes they get infested and compromised or the branches overgrow (they’re now blocking the view or they might damage the power lines, walls and roofs). In this case proper pruning should be done by a team of professionals.

We also do that here at Banksia Arborcare. We first assess the health and total condition of the tree. Then we create an action plan and help you go through the right authorisation process. We make sure that the job will be done right according to regulations and the highest industry standards (all pruning work complies with Australian Standard AS 4373).

Phone us today at 0412 181 075 whether it’s tree and stump removal or tree maintenance. Banksia Arborcare will ensure safety and leave the site neat and tidy.

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