Tree removal Dee Why in a modern strata building


tree removal dee why

Tree removal and lopping Dee Why.

By Northern Beaches arborist, Chris Allchin. 

We recently attended a strata unit building in Dee Why, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, where a series of tuckeroo trees (cupaniopsis aracardioides) had been planted in brick garden beds, too close to the building.

All too often we are contacted by Owners Corporations and Strata Managers on the Northern Beaches asking us to remove trees that have been inappropriately planted by developers.  They grow too tall, too close to the building, or their root system starts knocking down walls and damaging footpaths.

Tuckeroos are a fast-growing tree, with a thick crown and invasive root system.  As is evident in the photos taken at this Dee Why unit block, the tuckeroo’s strong root system had cracked the thick walls of the garden beds and were pushing them over in other sections.  Of concern is that the trees were only half their potential height and could grow to double their size when mature.

The best course of action was tree removal so that more appropriate trees could be planted.

In total, we removed 4 tuckeroo trees from the site.  We trimmed and thinned the canopy of the remaining trees to allow better light penetration into the lower units.

tree removal dee why

The tree roots were cracking and pushing out the walls of the garden beds in numerous places.

When planting a new garden, seek advice from an experienced arborist.

This Dee Why tree removal job highlights the importance of seeking the advice and services of a qualified arborist when selecting and planting trees as part of a new development.

Planting inappropriate trees for the site can lead to expensive problems – like the retaining wall repairs required at this property – and the trees having to be removed.

The best option is appropriate tree selection from the outset.


To discuss tree removal and selection, contact Northern Beaches arborist, Chris Allchin, for advice.

Chris is a qualified arborist and has undertaken 8 years of study in arboriculture, horticulture and landscaping.  Chris is passionate about the environment and is always happy to impart his expertise in plant care to his clients.

The team at Banksia Arborcare services Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Upper North Shore, Lower North Shore and Northern Sydney areas 7 days a week.

tree removal dee why

In total 4 tuckeroo trees had to be removed. We thinned the canopy of the remaining trees which allowed more light into the units.

arborist northern beaches

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Chris Allchin, owner of Banksia Arborcare, is a qualified arborist who has undertaken 8 years of study in arboriculture, horticulture and landscaping to gain a broad and varied understanding of tree and plant care.

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Arboriculture is a dangerous profession and Banksia Arborcare follow all Occupational Health and Safety Guidelines;

  • The Banksia Arborcare team wear protective clothing during emergency tree removal and use well-maintained equipment;
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Trees make our world a better place, but sometimes they can cause problems, and emergency tree removal becomes necessary. That’s why we recommend you employ an arborist to regularly inspect your trees to predict and, importantly, prevent serious tree problems from arising.

When you suspect a tree problem, whether it’s sick or dangerous, in most instances a tree be saved with just a few maintenance steps.


For advice on how you can maintain happy and healthy trees on your property and neighbourhood, don’t hesitate to contact Chris direct or scroll down to complete our online enquiry form. Chris is passionate about the trees and our environment and is always happy to impart his expertise in plant care to his clients.

The team at Banksia Arborcare service Sydney’s Northern Beaches, North Shore and Northern Sydney areas 7 days a week.