Banksia tree removal at Balgowlah (Northern Beaches)


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Northern Beaches tree removal.

By Northern Beaches arborist, Chris Allchin. 

The owner of this Balgowlah property, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, wanted a large banksia tree removed that had grown much bigger than they anticipated. The tree branches were causing damage to the carport and the roots digging up paving.

As tree lovers, the owners had built the carport around the tree, wanting to retain such an important native species.  They contacted arborist and tree removal specialist, Chris Allchin, to assess the situation in the hope the tree could be saved.

Unfortunately, Chris explained that the banksia would only continue to grow larger, the root system spread further and more damage caused.

The only possible long-term solution was tree removal.

Whilst the banksia wasn’t exceptionally large in comparison to the huge gums and palm trees we are regularly called upon to remove or lop, the location and angle of the banksia posed numerous problems.  Located between the carport and fence, access was difficult and we were unable to use our large tree removal equipment.

Additionally, there were two adjoining neighbouring backyards directly behind the carport, both with pools and glass fences.  The angle of the tree meant branches were overhanging the pools.  The safe and secure handling of the tree branches as they were being removed was paramount so they didn’t cause damage to the client’s property or that of the surrounding neighbours.

The finished result was successful banksia tree removal without even a scratch on the carport, fence or any inconvenience to the neighbours.

To discuss tree removal on the Northern Beaches, North Shore and surrounding areas, contact Chris directly for advice on 0412 181 075 or send him an SMS.

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