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The importance of regular tree pruning.

Trees are a wonderful addition to any garden. They provide precious shade on hot days. They add beauty to our surroundings and they’re vital to our wellbeing.

But trees that aren’t properly pruned can be a nuisance. They can obstruct driveways and paths, fill gutters with leaves, stop light coming through windows, create unwelcome noise, and overhang neighbouring properties.

Even worse, they can come into contact with power lines and other cabling. And loose branches caused by severe storms and heavy winds are downright dangerous.

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Chris is passionate about the environment and is always happy to impart his broad plant care knowledge to clients. Feel free to contact him for tree care advice.

Tree pruning advice.

We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service – and that means respecting our customers. We pay attention to your concerns about your trees, then let you know all the options available.

Not sure if your tree needs removing, or if pruning will solve the problem? Our fully qualified professionals can provide helpful, expert advice – the final decision is up to you.

Seeing large sections of bark falling off a branch is a dead giveaway for dead wood. You may also notice that the branch shows no signs of new growth in the spring, another sure sign that the wood is dead and needs to be removed.

If dead wood accounts for more than half the tree, chances are it will need to be replaced. You may wish to consider planting the new tree ahead of the removal of the older tree to give its replacement time to start growing.

We not only offer first class tree pruning services but we offer consultations and hazard assessment. We offer a complete approach to creating your perfect environment, from what trees to consider based on size, evergreen or deciduous, root structure to the types of trees that will benefit native wildlife.

The benefits tree pruning.

Trees are a wonderful asset in any garden, for shade, privacy, restful greenery and a home for wildlife, but there are many dangers that can arise from poor and incorrect tree pruning.

Tree pruning needs to be done with a good understanding of how the tree will respond to each cut. Improper tree pruning can cause damage to the tree which can result in shortening the tree’s life. It can also affect the way branches grow back. If done incorrectly, branches can regrow with weak points which then become dangerous. This can cost you additional time, further money and can put people and property at risk. A professional Arborist understands and complies with the Australian Standard AS 4373 (Pruning of Amenity Tree).

Whether you’re after tree pruning for better light penetration, tree pruning for improving your views or to remove seed pods and dead fronds from palms, all the work done by our team at Banksia Arborcare will be carried out to the highest standards possible.

It is vital that trees, like the rest of the garden and lawn, get regular maintenance and this means regular tree pruning. Trees are probably the most overlooked plant in the garden yet they have the ability to be the most dangerous, emphasising just how important correct tree pruning is.