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Trimming just a few branches of a majestic Norfolk Pine tree drastically improved the view at this Manly property.

By Northern Beaches arborist, Chris Allchin. 

The Norfolk Island Pine (Araucaria heterophylla) is synonymous with the Northern Beaches coastline.  This iconic species, endemic to Norfolk Island, is well suited to our oceanfront location due to its high tolerance of salt and wind.  Capable of growing up to 60 metres tall, whilst a beautiful and majestic tree, they can easily block a water view.

I was contacted by the owner of a property in Manly that overlooked Little Manly Beach and Sydney Harbour.  A very large Norfolk Pine in their neighbour’s property had grown to a significant size and girth and was now blocking most of the client’s water views.

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The client had sought approval from their neighbour who kindly allowed them to remove some of the higher Norfolk Pine branches.  The neighbour was very specific about what branches could be removed. Specifically, they didn’t want any of the lower branches removed or trimmed as they offered privacy from properties higher up.

My team worked cohesively with the client and their neighbour and the thinning of the Norfolk Pine proceeded without any problems. Surprisingly, the neighbour who owned the tree was ecstatic with the extra light that now flooded into their outdoor entertaining area.

Due to the size of the tree, we only needed to cut approximately 5% of the branches to drastically enhance the customer’s Harbour views.  It was a win for the tree, our client and the neighbour!

What you need to know about ‘tree lopping’.

When choosing a ‘tree lopping company’ you should avoid using ones that advertise ‘topping’ or ‘lopping’ as a service provided. While this is a common term used by consumers when searching for someone to trim or prune a tree, ‘tree lopping’ is not an acceptable practice and can be very harmful to a tree.

Banksia Arborcare is a reputable and highly experienced business in the tree industry with a great understanding of the negative effects ‘tree lopping’ can have on your trees and the wider environment.

As professional and qualified arborists and horticulturists, we don’t undertake any ‘tree lopping’ and don’t recommend employing tree loppers who don’t have arboriculture qualifications due to the detrimental impact they have on the environment.


Want a view restored or enhanced at your place? To discuss tree trimming maintenance and tree requirements, contact Northern Beaches arborist, Chris Allchin, directly.

Chris is a qualified arborist and has undertaken 8 years of study in arboriculture, horticulture and landscaping.  Chris is passionate about the environment and is always happy to impart his expertise in plant care to his clients.

The team at Banksia Arborcare services Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Lower North Shore, Upper North Shore and Northern Sydney areas 7 days a week.

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About Banksia Arborcare

All tree services Northern Beaches and North Shore Sydney.

Chris Allchin, owner of Banksia Arborcare, is a qualified arborist who has undertaken 8 years of study in arboriculture, horticulture and landscaping to gain a broad and varied understanding of tree and plant care.

Chris has decades of experience in a wide range of tree services, making Banksia Arborcare a trusted choice in providing expert, local landscaping advice and solutions.

Affordable and reliable tree services

Safe and reliable tree services.

The team at Banksia Arborcare use only the highest quality, most advanced equipment to ensure all our tree services are safe, reliable and completed on time. We always try to endeavour to educate the public on the significant positives of maintaining a green environment and as a result, we always perform our tree services with the environment in mind.

Arboriculture is a dangerous profession and Banksia Arborcare follows all Occupational Health and Safety Guidelines;

  • The Banksia Arborcare team wear protective clothing during emergency tree removal and use well-maintained equipment;
  • Removal of small and large trees, leaving the area neat and tidy. Banksia Arborcare can offer experienced advice on the planting of new trees and they can supply and plant trees;
  • All pruning work complies with Australian Standard AS 4373;
  • Stump grinding – unattractive stumps can be turned into fine mulch and used in the garden;
  • They will discuss any problematic trees you may have and suggest an appropriate course of action.

Arborist reports.

Chris and the team at Banksia Arborcare are leading Northern Beaches arborists who have the necessary Level 5 qualification to prepare any arborist report.

Our arborists can often save problem trees.

Trees make our world a better place, but sometimes they can cause problems, and emergency tree removal becomes necessary. That’s why we recommend you employ an arborist to regularly inspect your trees to predict and, importantly, prevent serious tree problems from arising.

When you suspect a tree problem, whether it’s sick or dangerous, in most instances a tree be saved with just a few maintenance steps.


For advice on how you can maintain happy and healthy trees on your property and neighbourhood, don’t hesitate to contact Chris directly or scroll down to complete our online enquiry form. Chris is passionate about the trees and our environment and is always happy to impart his expertise in plant care to his clients.

The team at Banksia Arborcare service Sydney’s Northern Beaches, North Shore and Northern Sydney areas 7 days a week.