Tree Cutting & Trimming Services

Tree Cutting is a dangerous game and can result in serious injury or death. It is paramount that you always utilise the skills and experience of an accredited and trusted tree cutting business.

We understand it can be confusing for customers at times to choose a Tree cutting company, with questions ranging from, “Should I choose the cheapest tree cutting service?” “How do I know who is the best at cutting trees?” and “Why is there a price difference?”

Banksia Arborcare prides itself on always being a high quality, extremely reliable service that is competitively priced with a team that are professional and knowledgeable on everything when it comes to safe and effective tree cutting services. These requirements are a permanent part of our service; we also endeavour to provide a safe working environment for our staff.

Trained & Developed Tree Cutting Team

You can trust in Banksia Arborcare knowing that every member of our team undertakes training, development and regular observations to ensure they are adhering to safe practices and procedures, protective clothing, regular reinforcement of safe work methods and regular maintenance of equipment. All of these extra factors provide peace of mind and best practice to both you and Banksia Arborcare.

We take advantage of the latest and best equipment in our entire tree cutting to ensure that highest quality workmanship is produced and council regulations and industry standards are always met.

So whenever you’re looking at cutting trees on your property it is wise to always consult a professional. We come and assess your particular situation and then come up with effective solutions to solve your problem, so don’t put yourself or your property at risk by trying to perform a risky tree cut on your own, the potential consequences can be drastic.