Use only trained and experienced tree loppers.


Tree cutting and trimming is dangerous and can result in serious injury, even death.

That’s why it’s paramount that you always utilise the skills and experience of an accredited and trusted tree cutting business for all your trimming and tree cutting requirements.

Choosing a tree lopping company.

In this day and age, where most people use Google to find a tree lopping company to trim or remove a tree, how do you know they’re reputable and have the expertise to complete the job safely?

Did you know that the tree lopping industry is unregulated.  So, that means anyone with a chainsaw can come to your home and cut down or trim your tree. They may have inadequate insurance and have no expertise in tree health.

We are qualified arborists and horticulturists.

At Banksia Arborcare, we are qualified arborists and horticulturists.  Head arborist and business owner, Chris Allchin, has undertaken 8 years of study to attain these qualifications.

Chris knows what he is doing, is passionate about the environment and is always happy to impart his broad plant care knowledge onto clients.

arboriculture australia members

Members of Arboriculture Australia.

Additionally, we are members of Arboriculture Australia.  This is your assurance that all work is undertaken safely and in accordance with strict industry guidelines.

We operate under strictly controlled parameters and have full public liability insurance.

While things rarely go wrong when you’re using a professional tree lopping company, all of the above culminates to give our clients the assurance that we provide a safe environment for them, neighbouring properties and, of course, our staff.

Why so cheap?

In short, when you’re employing tree loppers to cut down, trim or prune a tree, the cheapest price may mean the company is cutting corners. This could be inadequate insurance or because they’re using unqualified staff – or possibly both!

Additionally, when pruning or trimming a tree, unqualified tree loppers won’t have the expertise to ensure the health of your tree is maintained. This can lead to the integrity of the tree becoming unstable, leading to sickness and inhibiting growth.  In many cases, the tree then has to be removed completely – a costly undertaking that contravenes the money you may save by accepting a cheaper quote.


To discuss your tree cutting and trimming requirements, contact arborist Chris Allchin direct.

Chris is a qualified arborist and has undertaken 8 years of study in arboriculture.  Chris is passionate about the environment and is always happy to impart his expertise in plant care to his clients.

The team at Banksia Arborcare service Sydney’s Northern Beaches, North Shore and Northern Sydney areas 7 days a week.

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