Starting the Year Right With a Clean Yard


In the final month of the year we often plan for something new such as starting a business or finding a new career. We reminisce to what happened this year and feel that we should change something. Often we’re not satisfied which is why we feel the pressure to change or start from a clean slate.

Starting the year right with a clean yard

It’s also the case with our homes and properties. Many of us are planning to remodel our kitchen or bathroom (or just a repaint in our home interior and exterior might already do the trick). Many homeowners and asset managers are also planning to give a refreshing makeover or cleanup of their gardens or backyards.

It can be a total land clearing where the yard would start from scratch (note that you might need a permit from the Council before cutting down any tree, enquire us if you require more information about this). It can also be a simple tree pruning or trimming to make the yard look clean and fresh (with more sunlight penetrating through and removing the obstructions). This quick and simple measure can instantly give a refreshing look of the garden and your home (because of more sunlight coming in and making the home exterior more visible).

If you wanted to apply a major change to your garden and landscape, it may require removing a few of the trees and shrubs from the site. Complete tree removal can be a messy and dangerous task because debris might fly around or that the branches or the entire tree might fall on a property or automobile. Also, residents or passersby might get injured if safety precautions were not followed during the project.

As a result, it’s crucial to hire experienced professionals to do the job. It’s an extremely dangerous task especially if we’re talking about total tree and stump removal. Aside from the tree, its branches and the resulting debris, we also have to think about the insects and pests residing in the tree as well as the harsh outdoor environment (e.g. sunny and windy conditions). The job should also be neatly done because any remaining stump or debris might cause injuries (especially if there are children playing around).

Here at Banksia Arborcare we regularly handle hazardous tree removals and pruning. We also inspect the site after performing the task to make sure everything’s clean and safe. This way, the site will be ready for your garden or landscape project in the coming year. Our team will also make sure everything will be done according to the latest regulations and highest professional standards (we’re a member of the National Arborists Association of Australia and the International Society of Arboriculture).