Arboriculture is a dangerous profession and can result in serious injury or death.

NSW WorkCover requires contractors to follow the Occupational Health and Safety Guidelines as set out in the Tree Work Code of Practice document. Strict procedures and practices must be followed for all tree work in order to provide the highest level of safety especially in an industry known for its dangers.

It can be confusing for customers to choose a Tree company from several quotes.

  • Should I choose the cheapest ?
  • How do I know who is the best ?
  • Why is there a price difference ?

Your choice will be based on several factors such as service, reliability, finances, and the relationship and knowledge of your Tree Service Professional.

Whilst Banksia Arborcare provides these requirements as part of our service, we also provide a safe working environment for our staff. This includes training, development, regular observations to ensure staff are adhering to safe practices and procedures, protective clothing, regular reinforcement of safe work methods and regular maintenance of equipment.

All of these extra factors (which aren’t always considered by all contractors) provide peace of mind and best practice to both you and Banksia Arborcare.

As a customer, its not your responsibility to worry about the safety of tree workers but its nice to know that Banksia Arborcare takes this responsibility seriously.