Palm Trees Removed and Cleaned Throughout The Northern Beaches & North Shore

Banksia Arborcare offers affordable, professional palm tree cleaning and removal throughout the Northern Beaches, North Shore and surrounding areas. Those with palm trees on their property know how beautiful they can be, and also how tricky and time consuming they can be to care for. Palms are very different for deciduous or evergreen trees, and it takes an expert arborist to do any cleaning, trimming or removal they may need. Cotton Palms, Date palms and Coco Palms are particularly troublesome.

Luckily, Banksia Arborcare is here to help. We have the skills and equipment we need to handle all types of trees, and over 30 years of experience handling some of the trickiest tree problems in and around Sydney. Our arborists know how to climb palms safely (for them and for the tree), and we have the equipment we need to handle even the biggest palm tree projects.

Why does a palm tree need to be cleaned?

Simply put, they soon begin to look very messy without proper care and cleaning. Proper maintenance also improves their overall health and can help them live longer.

If your palm is suffering from any of these issues, we can help:

  • Dead or dying foliage
  • Seed pods attracting messy birds or bats and rats
  • Berries, seeds or nuts which can fall, causing injury

Palm Tree Removal

Maybe that messy old palm has finally become more trouble than it is worth. Maybe it is diseased, or had been badly damaged. Maybe you just need the space for something else. Either way, Banksia Arborcare ready to help. Palms can be tricky to remove safely, but we have the skills and equipment we need to do the job right.