Large tree removal with difficult access on the Northern Beaches

large tree removal northern beaches

Angophora tree removal Northern Beaches.

By Northern Beaches arborist, Chris Allchin. 

We were recently contacted by a customer at Seaforth, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches (near Manly), who was concerned about a very large Angophora tree located in their backyard.

The customer thought it was dead and was concerned it could fall, causing significant damage to surrounding homes.  Upon hearing this, we escalated the job to an emergency tree removal and our team was onsite within 48 hours.

Over the years we had visited this client to trim the large trees dotted throughout their property.  Unfortunately, the Angophora tree had contracted a fungal disease which had killed it.  There was no alternative but to remove it completely.

large tree removal northern beaches 1

Difficult access tree removal.

The tree was located at the rear of the property, within very close proximity of adjoining homes.  The steep block and height of the 18-metre Angophora meant our tree removal team had to carefully plan the process before even picking up a tool.

Access to the property was extremely difficult and, thankfully, our expertise and arsenal of specialty tools, meant we were able to remove the tree safely without risk of damage to the customer’s home or surrounding properties.

Angophora trees belong to the Myrtle family. Contrary to popular belief, they are not Eucalypts. Angophoras are found throughout coastal NSW and are very common on the Northern Beaches.  These large trees can reach a height of approximately 20 metres and live for more than 100 years. Their flowers attract birds and insects, making them a great choice for suburban backyards with enough space for a long-living, shade tree.


If you’ve got a dead or damaged tree on your property, contact local arborist Chris Alchin for expert tree removal.

Chris is available 24 hours, 7 days a week to assist residents on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, North Shore and Northern Sydney suburbs.

Whilst he is onsite, ask Chris about tree trimming he would recommend that can minimise tree damage in storms and maintain optimal tree health.

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