How to choose the right trees


Trees are a wonderful asset in any garden, for shade, privacy, restful greenery and a home for wildlife. But one of the most common problems with many gardens is incorrect species selection in the first place.

Most of the trees we have to remove have outgrown the space in which they were planted, starting to create damage to drains and foundations. Many people like the look of a tree and plant it without thinking of how big it will become and what the root structure will do. Before deciding on a tree consider such things as the ultimate size, evergreen or deciduous and root structure.

I suggest a good walk around the local area to see what is growing well and what is not. Thus a Bangalow Palm that is growing well at Oxford Falls, will not survive salt and wind exposure at Narrabeen. It is also important to plant trees that will benefit native wildlife.

Keep trees well watered and note they grow better in a mulched bed than in a lawn. Watch out for dead branches, fungus cavities, cracks and splits, borer damage and dieback. Trees like the rest of the garden and lawn require regular maintenance. Trees are probably the most overlooked plant in the garden yet they have the ability to be the most dangerous.

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