How To Choose An Arborist: Things You Should Know


When your home requires tree work done, it can often be a daunting process. Many our clients tell us they hesitated before calling. This was because they were unsure of what they needed to know before having a tree removed or trimmed. Banksia Arbor Care has prepared the following guide to help you as you begin the process of back or front yard care and maintenance.

Council Approval For Sydney Tree Removal

Most local councils won’t permit you to remove a tree unless there is a specific reason why it needs to go. Some species of tree aren’t protected by tree preservation regulation. However, most Australian species are protected and will require approval via an application submitted to the local council.

The following reasons are acceptable on council applications for tree removal and will be granted approval:

  • Borer Infestation
  • Bushfire Hazard
  • Damage to Property
  • Dead/dying Tree
  • Tree is Diseased
  • Tree is too close to other structures
  • Tree is dropping branches
  • Tree root systems are invasive
  • Tree has overhanging branches
  • Tree is oversized for its location
  • Tree trunk is within “X” metres of a house/pool.
  • A development application cannot proceed without tree removal

Which Tree Species May I Remove?

Every local council in Sydney defines protected trees differently. For example, in the Sutherland Shire, a protected tree is defined as, “A single or multi trunked tree with a diameter of 100mm or more measured at 500mm above ground level”.

In most cases, native Australian trees are protected to a greater extent than introduced species. Large trees are harder to remove compliantly than smaller trees. It’s best practice to check your local council website for information regarding protected tree species.

How Safe Is Tree Removal?

Tree removal can be a dangerous process involving heavy branches and trunks. If your arborist takes proper safety precautions, for example, use of a crane or cherry picker, it may add additional costs to your quote. However, paying a premium for safety is a far better alternative than cutting corners. Cutting corners can see serious damage inflicted on your house or its residents.

Do Arborists Require A License Or Insurance?

If you’re employing an arborist you should check that they’re licensed and insured every time. One of the benefits of hiring a licensed and insured tree removal company is the peace of mind you experience knowing that if something goes wrong you will be covered.

You want to look out for three primary insurance covers when hiring an arborist – public liability insurance, workers compensation insurance and vehicle and equipment insurance. These all ensure that, in the case damage is inflicted on your or your neighbour’s house or on the arborist himself you are covered. If your professional arborist is insured you won’t have to foot the bill for repairs or medical work.

Contact Banksia Arborcare Tree Removal Services Today

Banksia Arborcare are licensed and insured professionals with over ten years’ experience removing trees across Sydney. We are able to submit local council applications for tree removal before proceeding to work at your property. We observe all professional safety procedures at all times and are experienced implementing best practice when it comes to safeguarding your property from dangerous trees.

The professionals at Banksia Arborcare don’t ever cut corners at work. We dispose of all tree waste legally, leaving your site clean and tidy. This is why our customers highly recommend our tree lopping service.

Call us today for a free quote for tree removal Sydney and inspection of your property. We’ll detail each and every step of the job and will charge an affordable fee for the work we do. We also perform tree stump removal, stump grinding and tree pruning all across Sydney – from the Sutherland Shire to the North Shore, the Eastern Suburbs to Western Sydney.