How Do I Prepare My Yard for Landscaping?


Sometimes it’s best to start fresh especially when it comes to landscaping. With the clear land and new beginning, you have a lot of room and freedom for the new garden and your imagination.

Preparing your yard for landscaping

However, there might be existing trees, shrubs, stumps and debris in your front or back yard. It can be difficult (as well as dangerous) to remove and clear them out. Also, you have to consider the location of underground lines as well as other permanent structures and installations in the area. This will help you in the planning and clearing later.

When clearing the area, there might be a stump or two that should be taken cared of. It’s unsightly and the stump can also attract pests as well as cause accidents (especially for young children or elderly). And when the stump is finally removed, it can result in a huge mess (lots of tree debris and particles will be left around).

For example here at Banksia Arborcare, our team does complete stump removal and makes sure the land is clear (free from debris and safe for use). We also do complete tree removal and ensure it goes through the right process (complete with necessary paperwork and according to your Council’s regulations). We also quickly and efficiently do the job so that the area will be immediately ready for the next phase of the project.

Earlier it’s mentioned here that there could be permanent structures in the yard (maybe it’s impossible to remove them or you’ve decided to keep them there). For example, if there’s a healthy and beautiful tree in the yard, most likely you would like to keep it because of the beauty and shade it provides. However, it might need some trimming and pruning to make the area cleaner and allow more sunlight to come through (for the illumination of the property as well as sunlight for other plants below).

When preparing the yard for landscaping, it’s great to start with what should be removed and what should be kept in place. Then, you can work around those constraints and on what’s available. After that, it’s time to remove the unnecessary (make sure the right process is followed especially if it’s about tree removal and pruning). It’s crucial to first make sure that the site is clear and safe before moving forward with the landscaping and planting. This way, the next phases of the project will be smooth and everyone will be safe.