After Hours and Emergency Tree Removal Service Northern Beaches


emergency tree removal northern beaches

Examples of fallen trees and broken branches after the Northern Beaches storm in December 2021.

Northern Beaches tree removal after storm.

The team here at Banksia Arborcare are still working 7 days, assisting residents throughout the Northern Beaches, cleaning up and removing fallen trees and branches after a fierce storm swept through the area on Sunday 19th December 2021.

The storm saw large trees and huge branches snapped like toothpicks.  While the storm passed within a few minutes, the destruction it left behind saw hundreds of huge branches and established eucalypts, pines and palm trees destroyed.

Emergency tree removal

While Northern Beaches Council has the responsibility to clean up and remove trees from public land, they do not clean up or remove fallen trees and branches on private property. That’s where we can help!

We offer an emergency, 24-hour tree cleanup and removal service to residents throughout the Northern Beaches, Upper North Shore and Lower North Shore areas.

We’ll very quickly take steps to ensure your property is safe, removing and preventing the potential of further damage to your property and those of your neighbours. We can even liaise with your insurance company and service providers (electricity, gas, water, etc).

We have the equipment, tools and expertise to remove fallen trees and branches quickly.  You won’t have to wait for equipment to arrive, we’re ready to go – any time of the day or night!


If a storm has damaged trees on your property, contact Chris for emergency tree removal.  Chris is available 24 hours, 7 days a week to assist residents on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, North Shore and Northern Sydney suburbs.

Whilst he is onsite, ask Chris about tree trimming he would recommend that can minimise and prevent tree damage in future storms.

Northern Beaches Storm Cleanup

Below are photos of Northern Beaches storm cleanup jobs we completed, removing fallen trees and branches after the December 2021 storm.

branch removal northern beaches

(Above) We were called to dozens of jobs throughout the Northern Beaches to remove and clean up broken branches. This includes branches hanging across electricity cables, in gardens, on cars, the list goes on…  Our expertise and equipment meant we were able to do this safely and quickly for our customers.

storm tree branch removal northern beaches

(Above) A large tree in the front garden of this Narrabeen home suffered extensive damage in the December 2021 storm. Broken branches hung precariously over the house, garden and front verge, not only creating a dangerous situation for the occupants but passing pedestrians.

storm tree removal northern beaches

tree removal northern beaches storm
(Above) Tree removed. We returned a week later to stump grind. The customer now enjoys a more useable front garden. Arborist, Chris Allchin, is now in discussion with the customer to re-landscape the front garden, recommending trees and shrubs that will offer shade and privacy.