Does a Tree Add Value to a Home?


Healthy trees help make healthy neighbourhoods, cooler suburbs and even higher-value properties. One reason is that the area feels more friendly and livable. Another reason is that trees make a property or community look more natural and beautiful.

Does a tree add value to a home?

Trees have a huge role in providing shade and regulating the microclimate in suburbs and residential areas. In forests and watersheds, they play even a greater role because of the trees’ role as a habitat and food source for different animals. Trees also make water flow stable and make sloping areas less susceptible to erosion. They are important in regulating the quantity and quality of water in rivers and other bodies of water.

In human communities including urban areas, trees also play a regulating role and even function as a temporary resting place for exhausted professionals and homeowners. Under the trees people can take fresh air and take a break from the concrete inside their homes or business premises. Even without going to a park or reserve, a single tree could already be enough to rejuvenate us.

When it comes to property values, trees also have a contribution because they make the place more beautiful. Imagine a suburb or a street with no trees at all. It will all feel dry and sterile and for some it will even feel like an abandoned place. But with healthy trees here and there, suddenly the area feels more vibrant and relaxing.

Due to the values of trees being recognised, there are now initiatives to plant more trees and better take care of what we have already. For example, there’s a commitment for a greener Sydney by 2030 by planting 5 million trees. One of the goals is to increase the tree canopy from 16.8% to 40%, which will mean more shade in streets, parks, schools, backyards and neighbourhoods.

Although healthy trees require some costs and upkeep, the return on investment could be high because of both the perceptible and imperceptible benefits. Perceptible benefits include a bit lower temperatures and more beautiful environments. Imperceptible benefits include reinforcing the message that humans and nature can coexist and that we encourage the planting of more trees in the future because of the trees’ value and role in suburbs.

Here at Banksia Arborcare we help in maintaining the trees residences and communities already have. As a member of the National Arborists Association of Australia & International Society of Arboriculture plus being a community-focused team of professionals, we are committed to maintaining the health of valuable trees. Contact us today if you want to maintain the health and beauty of the tree/s you already have in your property or asset.