5 Tree Care Tips To Look After Your Property

Trees can add a lot of natural beauty and financial value to any property. They provide shade, a rugged aesthetic and tranquillity, so are worth looking after if you’re lucky enough to own property…


When to Prune or Remove a Tree?

If the tree endangers human life or property, most likely the tree should be removed. It’s still important though to consult with professionals or the Council to ensure everything is according to regulations. Contact…


A Guide To Chainsaw Best Practice

The chainsaw is the arborist’s best friend. There’s little that compares to the surge of power one feels when a chainsaw rips into action, nothing compared to the kickback of tearing into a felled…


What’s the Economic Value of a Tree?

It’s hard or almost impossible to estimate a tree’s economic value especially if it’s not used for logging or fruit production. It’s also hard to estimate the costs and benefits of having a tree…


2 Low Maintenance Garden Ideas To Truly Enhance Your Garden

After you have moved into your first home, the excitement of the place eventually wears off. At this stage you are probably considering what your next move to spruce up the property should be….


What Does an Arborist Do?

Qualified arborists know everything about trees including health, management, removal and hazard assessment. Whether it’s tree pruning, “tree surgery” (which is why arborists are often called tree doctors), tree and stump removal or aesthetic…