5 Tree Care Tips To Look After Your Property


Trees can add a lot of natural beauty and financial value to any property. They provide shade, a rugged aesthetic and tranquillity, so are worth looking after if you’re lucky enough to own property that plays home to trees and other natural features. We have put together the following five tips to help you look after your property properly this Summer.

Begin Landscaping Work In Autumn

It’s important to prepare your trees for the cold weather of Winter, in Autumn, so that they’re not overly stressed during the colder months. The PINE Method works well to prepare trees for chilly temperatures. Follow the following steps for best practice in your garden.

  • Prune your trees regularly
  • Inspect your trees for signs of disease
  • Nourish trees with tree watering and organic mulch
  • Extend the growing season by planting in Autumn

Leave Areas Surrounding Trees Alone

By performing tasks near to trees, you can hinder their growth by tamping the soil that root balls grow in. Try to avoid activity close to root systems whenever possible. 

Similarly, you may prevent tree growth by occupying space too close to the tree. Don’t attempt to build any structures like pergolas or gazebos near to the tree. This may damage their roots and prevent growth.

Keep An Eye On Your Trees To Notice Disease

It’s wise to remain observant so as to notice any disease that may be plaguing your local flora. Stunted growth or discolouration are two key things to look out for.

It’s worth researching which trees are present in your back yard or front yard. Once you have identified the species of tree, it’s a relatively simple task to learn what may pose a threat to your trees. If you do notice disease materialising, contact a professional Sydney arborist like Banksia Arborcare.

Weekly Mulching and Tree Pruning

Surrounding the base of your trees with a mulch cocktail is a simple yet effective solution to ensure they last a lifetime. Lay a layer of mulch two to three inches thick on the ground and keep it distant from the bark of the tree. 

Pruning your trees is mostly unnecessary. The exception to this rule is when there area dead branches present due to high winds or a rainstorm. 

Choose The Right Trees

Consider how wide and tall your tree is liable to grow before planting it in the soil. Be sure to research precisely how big your tree will grow before planting it close to a house, garage or other structure. Finally, only plant a tree that can survive on the available sunlight, shade and rainfall in your area.

Contact Banksia Arborcare

For all tree lopping, tree removal and other cost effective arborist solutions, contact us. We work with newly planted trees, young trees and mature trees all across the North Shore and Northern Beaches of Sydney. Our certified arborists provide professional, fully insured tree services designed to keep your trees healthy. Call today on 0412 181 075 for a free quote and inspection of your trees’ health.