2 Low Maintenance Garden Ideas To Truly Enhance Your Garden


After you have moved into your first home, the excitement of the place eventually wears off. At this stage you are probably considering what your next move to spruce up the property should be. Maintaining a garden bed is a great hobby that can add significant aesthetic appeal to your property.

There are many ways to enhance the look of your garden. You can implement many of these landscaping ideas yourself. However, sometimes there is a task or two that requires you to employ a professional tree surgeon or garden designer.

Let’s pretend that you have the perfect flowers, native plants, a shapely lawn and stylish garden furniture installed. It’s now time to consider how the trees in your backyard complement the natural beauty of the garden.

We have come across several customers in our tenure that have made mistakes without thinking of an alternative. Planting hedgerows and cutting down trees are but two of these. We are going to cover two situations where a gardening services professional will be able to help you. You will be able to improve your garden or outdoor space without making any mistakes after reading this blog.

Hedge Rows

Some people prefer a front yard that is completely closed off from the outside world. However, we recommend against this in cases where one side of the garden lets light in, or provides a view. In instances where you want to protect your property from the wandering eyes of passersby, hedge rows are a good option. They can also be used to cover walls that are unappealing if you’re feeling self-conscious.

If you’re looking to augment your garden and upgrade its privacy, it pays to consult an arborist. You should do this before making the trip to Bunnings to buy hedge rows. Avoid planting a hedge row yourself if you have chosen a plant without the help of professional garden maintenance services.

A professional landscape designer will be able to choose a species that suits the trees, shrubs and climate around your home. They will make sure a variety is chosen that will grow to the perfect size. They will also know exactly how far apart to plant hedge rows to maintain the austerity of your garden.

Hedges do require pruning and hedge trimming to keep your garden clean. However, this can be done on an infrequent basis, and shouldn’t take too much unnecessary time out of your busy schedule. Instead, garden hedge rows will continue to look fantastic over time and will provide privacy and security for your family.

Train Trees To Grow Towards A Particular Direction

Trees add a lot of value to residential property. Unless the situation is absolutely dire, you should avoid removing trees. One example where tree removal may be completely appropriate is when a tree poses a safety hazard to home occupants,

Sometimes you will come across an instance where one or multiple trees are blocking sunlight or a view from your garden. It’s best practice to consider removing one or more branches before you schedule to have the entire tree removed.

An arborist will be able to train the tree to grow in a certain direction using ropes and ties. After the unsightly branches have been removed from your tree, you can relax. Rest easy because your professional Sydney arborist has set innovation in motion.

Your trees won’t grow branches in inconvenient locations any longer. They will instead look pleasing to you, you family and guests to your home.

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